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Online Activities and Tutorials

Aerospace Museum of California

Is tapping into creative expertise provided by museum staff and team members, the Aerospace Museum offers hands-on activities and tutorials that are fun for children and families.

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Distance Learning Program

California Museum

Has launched a new Distance Learning program providing educational materials for K-12th grade students aligned with Common Core and California State Content standards. A State Symbols Coloring Book and a series of five California Indians Oral History worksheets are currently available.

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All Aboard for Story Time!

California State Railroad Museum

Offers virtual versions of All Aboard for Story Time! on Mondays at 11 a.m. with local influencers reading children’s railroad-related books via Facebook Live.

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Original Film Productions

Center for Sacramento History

Center for Sacramento History offers original film productions, a “Staff Favorites” section with new film clips updated regularly, and recordings of past Speaker Series events

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Virtual Art and Gallery Tours and Activities

Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker provides relaxing, refreshing and uplifting art experiences online.

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Virtual Tours

Museum of Medical History

Online users can access a virtual tour (originally launched 10 years ago) that highlights many intriguing medical artifacts and interesting tidbits

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Online Educational Resources

Roseville Utility Exploration Center

Roseville Utility Exploration Center offers online educational resources filled with learning opportunities, games and activities to do at home.

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Anytime Tours

Sacramento History Museum

The Sacramento History Museum offers a website and free app for iOS and Android devices that takes users on a journey through some of the more amazing moments in Sacramento’s history.

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Experience Survey

Folsom History Museum & Pioneer Village

While we're unsure how our current crisis will play out, we are certain that we are living through a historic moment.

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Online Arts Workshops

Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum

Since gatherings can't happen in-person right now because of COVID-19, the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum started hosting a series of arts workshops online.

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