The Great British Motoring Exhibit

August 23 - January 27

California Automobile Museum

The island of Great Britain is almost half the size of California. A better comparison would actually be Michigan – Great Britain is only slightly smaller than that U.S. state, and both have a rich and vibrant automotive history.


Since the invention of the automobile, Britain has seen hundreds of automotive manufacturers come and go. Some were rather small, but others became icons of the country. Whether the luxury car used by the upper class, a motorcycle used by the working poor, or a mass-produced automobile for the middle class, the British automotive industry was incredibly diverse over the years.


The California Automobile Museum is excited to host a special display of British automobiles and share just a sampling of their fascinating stories, amazing cars, and even some cultural differences. So put your luggage in the boot, pull the map out of your cubby box, and hop on the motorway to drive to the museum!

Free with admission